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Use the suitable forms of the given words: appeal – approach – delay – extent – increase – loiter – possess – predict 1. the two things he most desired could not be … together. 2. she … what would happen next. 3. the … of winter was distinctly felt. 4. if you give up exercises, your muscles shrink and percentage rate of fat …. 5. that day several beholders claimed to see a man … around the camp's territory.6. after i fell from the rock and tumbled down to the bottom of the hill, mountaineering lost its … for me. 7. we can not conceal that, all of us are interested in this suggestion to a greater or lesser …. 8. our departure was … by the weather. 9. she became a heir to her uncle's …. 10. begin working, do not … about! 11. he … a very fine deep voice but none of musical ear. 12. i am amazed at the … of his knowledge. 13. it will result in a considerable … in trade between the two countries. 14. such an urgent matter allows of no …. 15. an independent financial adviser can give the best adivce under any circumstances but who can … the future for sure? 16. we could not be in time because of traffic …. 17. the tax on petrol … lately. 18. we must find a good … to the problem. 19. this news is already common …. 20. things were working well, when we were brought up against unexpected …. 21. we will choose the slice-of-life … as it will be the only sure method to give as many obvious cases as possible to illustrate all possible. 22. you had better … this question with caution. 23. a number of experiments can … what can happen under these conditions. 24. the president made … to all the citizens of the country. 25. it was a sudden … change in his bahaviour. none could expect anything like that. 26. nothing but base jumping has any … for him. 27. the judge threw out my ….

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