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planning a trip анг.сочинение

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    In a world of many beautiful and wonderful places. Each of them has its own charm, be it a desert island, hot desert or cold North. Every summer my parents and we go somewhere to relax. I've been to the Black Sea, Montenegro and Abkhazia. But my dream is to go to Greece.

      I think that this is one the most beautiful countries in the world. I love reading the Greek myths, and so my dream - to be there. Warm gentle sea, white sand, attractions, world-famous, famous Sirtaki, meze, olives - all of which I dream to see and try. Greece is famous for ancient monuments of architecture, art and culture. In addition, I am interested to see the aliens on another country, how they act, how to talk.

      When I go to Greece, I am sure to take your camera with you, make lots and lots of pictures on the background of interest. And then I will review them and remember the most pleasant moments of vacation.

      Any travel, even just to the next town, it's always a storm of positive emotions and impressions are new friends. I like to be in different places, to look at other cities. Even just looking at the way out of the window.

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