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Помогите с аглийским пожалуйстанужно составить 5 предложений-краткое содержание текста: 
I was walking around. It was cold and it was starting to rain. I was looking for a restaurant or a café where I could sit and have something to drink. When I saw one, I crossed the street and I was there. I sat at a round table and asked for a coffee. 

While I was waiting for my beverage, I realized that there were other people in the place, but I sensed loneliness. I saw their bodies, but I couldn't feel their souls. That was because their souls didn't belong to them; instead they belonged to the "Net." 

I stood up and walked between the tables. When I came to the biggest computer, I saw a thin, small man sitting in front of it. "I'm Steve", he finally answered after I asked him a couple of times what his name was. "I can't talk with you. I'm busy", he said. 

I thought he was working, and I apologized. He didn't say anything. Before going back to my seat, I wanted to see what he was doing. I stood behind him. He was not working. He was chatting online with somebody--probably someone he didn't know--and, at the same time, he was playing a computer game--a war game. I was surprised. 

Why didn't Steve want to talk with me? I tried again to communicate with that computer geek, but not a word came out of his mouth. I touched his shoulder, but there was no reaction. I was getting upset. I put my hand in front of the monitor, and he started to shout, "Leave me alone!" 

I took a few steps back. I was ashamed. I wanted to look and see if all those people in the café were looking at me, so I raised my head, but there was nobody interested in what was happening. I walked back to my table, and I noticed everybody was using the computers. 

At that moment, I realized the people in that place were having a cup of coffee and a nice conversation with their machines, not with people. All of them were more interested in having a relationship with the computer, particularly Steve. I wouldn't want to imagine the future of human beings if they preferred sharing their lives with machines instead of with people. 

I was worried and I sank in my thoughts. I didn't even realize that the coffee was bad, just as Steve didn't even realize that there was a person next to him. 

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Русский язык - 3 года назад

Помогите решить тест по русскому языку тест по русскому языку «местоимение. разряды местоимений» для 6 класса 1. укажите личное местоимение: 1) некто 2) вас 3) ни с кем 4) собой 2. укажите относительное местоимение: 1) кто-либо 2) некоторый 3) кто 4) нам 3. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) кем-нибудь 2) кем 3) себе 4) никакой 4. укажите определительное местоимение: 1) наш 2) который 3) некий 4) каждый 5. укажите возвратное местоимение: 1) свой 2) чей 3) сам 4) себя 6. найдите указательное местоимение: 1) твой 2) какой 3) тот 4) их 7. найдите притяжательное местоимение: 1) самый 2) моего 3) иной 4) ничей 8. укажите неопределённое местоимение: 1) весь 2) какой-нибудь 3) любой 4) этот 9. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) сколько 2) кое-что 3) она 4) нами 10. в каком варианте ответа выделенное слово является притяжательным местоимением? 1) увидел их 2) её нет дома 3) её тетрадь 4) их не спросили


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