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О чём был текст Остров Сокровищ? Автор Роберт Луис Стивенсон. Напишите кратко на английском языке

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    The novel consists of 34 chapters, divided into 6 parts. The story is on behalf of the protagonist, the son of the owners of the Inn, young Jim Hawkins (with the exception of chapters 16-18, where the story is Dr. Livesey) . 
    The events of the novel take place about the middle of XVIII-th century. They start in South-West England, near Bristol, in the small coastal tavern "Admiral Benbow" . 
    Once in the tavern settled a new lodger — a former sailor, whose name is Billy bones. After a while, it will start to come out strange guests. First came a sailor, nicknamed "Black Dog" , an old friend of bill's. They fight, they hurt bones Black Dog, but he flees. Then Billy visits a terrible blind beggar, who gave him a black marker — a formidable pirate warning to leaders who violate the interests of the team. Billy received mark decides to hastily leave their homes, but dies suddenly of apoplexy. Jim and his mother, whom Billy owes money for the post, searched the dead sailor and his belongings. In the bottom of his trunk, they find the money and the package of securities. From these papers it becomes clear that bones was the first Navigator on the ship of the famous pirate flint and had a map where are stored his famous treasures. 
    Jim barely had time to pick up paper flint from under the nose of blind Pew and his thugs, who attack the tavern "Admiral Benbow" in order to obtain a map. Bones, Black Dog, blind Pew and others — all of them former members of the team "Walrus" , a pirate ship of captain flint. Suddenly to help Jim and his mother comes a detachment of Royal customs officials. Blind Pew tragically killed, and the other pirates hastily flee their successfully covers the retreat team pirate lugger, where there are their accomplices. 
    Jim sends the documents and a map to Dr. Livesey and squire Trelawney. Wealthy Trelawney begins preparation of the expedition, and requests errand, Blindly to equip the expedition a suitable vessel — the schooner "Hispaniola" . 
    The captain of the "Hispaniola" Smollett expresses serious doubts about the reliability team, and especially does not trust his assistant Navigator arrow, but inferior to the persuasion of Dr. Livesey, and Trelawney of condescension. "Hispaniola" is sent from Bristol to treasure Island. In the way Jim manages to eavesdrop on a secret conversation sailor dick, bimantara of Israel hands's and Coca, the one-legged long John silver, nicknamed Ham (eng. Barbecue), he's Lanky John. It turns out that the crew who hired Trelawney, mostly composed of former team flint and silver the head of the conspiracy, which aims to capture the treasure...
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