Размещено 3 года назад по предмету Английский язык от yermekbayaknura02

53. He _____ breakfast at work. Be careful! You _____ a mistake.
a) were making
b) making
c) are making
a) usually have
b) has usually
c) usually has
55. She _____ people who talk a lot.
a) not likes
b) doesn’t like
c) don’t like
56. My cousin _____ history at university.
a) studies
b) studys
c) studyes
57. _____ away last weekend?
a) Did you go
b) Did you went
c) Went you
58. A : Why _____?
B : Because I’m happy.
a) you’re smiling
b) do you smile
c) are you smiling
59. My father _____ work. He’s retired.
a) not
b) doesn’t
c) isn’t
60. A: _____?
B: He’s shy and quite serious.
a) What’s your brother like
b) What does your brother like
c) How’s your brother
61. That house _____a long time ago.
a) will be sold
b) are sold
c) was sold
62. All the banks_____on Sundays.
a) has been closed
b) were closed
c) are closed
63. My sister _____to the hospital tomorrow.
a) will be taken
b) is being taken
c) was taken
64. The flowers _____2 days ago.
a) is watered
b) was watered
c) were watered
65. America _____several centuries ago.
a) has been discovered
b) will be discovered
c) was discovered
66. The floors in the office _____every day.
a) were being swept
b) are swept
c) are swept will be swept
67. My car _____at this moment.
a) is being repaired
b) was being repaired
c) has been repared
68. Olympic Games_____every four years.
a) will be held
b) are held
c) are being held
69. The message _____the next day.
a) will be sent
b) would be sent
c) were being sent
70. Two people _____in a car accident yesterday.
a) will be killed
b) are being killed
c) were killed
71. Tonight, Lisa’s going _____ a date with Andrew.
a) on
b) out
c) into
72. I _____ on well with my brother. He’s a fun person to spend time with.
a) go
b) get
c) do
73. A: Who’s that _____ the middle of the photo?
B : That’s my cousin, Alexis.
a) on
b) to
c) in
74. Maria is sitting _____ to Salvador.
a) behind
b) opposite
c) next
75. There’s a small table _____ the two chairs.
a) under
b) between
c) in front
76. If you give me the passport I_____the parcel.
a) received
b) would receive
c) will receive
77. She would take a dog if she_____ cat.
a) doesn’t have
b) don’t have
c) didn’t have
78. If you heat water it_____boil.
a) will boil
b) boils
c) boiled
79. Our neighbours would have paid us if we ____them last year.
a) would help
b) will help
c) had helped
80. If I _____you I would buy more food.
a) will be you
b) were
c) was

  1. Ответ на вопрос
    Ответ на вопрос дан tanchikkim


    53 c

    54 c

    55 b

    56 a

    57 a

    58 c

    59 b

    60 a

    61 c

    62 c

    63 a

    64 c

    65 c

    66 b

    67 a

    68 b

    69 a

    70 c

    71 a

    72 b

    73 c

    74 c

    75 b

    76 c

    77 c

    78 b

    79 c

    80 b

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