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The family is at home.

My name is Helen. I have got a large family. We are busy. My parents go to work five times a week. They don’t work on Saturday and Sunday. My sister goes to the Institute every day. She is a student. Her name is Alice. Now Alice is taking a shower in the bathroom. My brothers go to school. Their names are Jake and David. They are good pupils. Now Jake and David are having breakfast. They are good eaters.
I am not a pupil. I am six. But I can read very well. Now I am reading a very interesting fairy tale. It’s eight o’clock. Our parents are leaving home for work now. My Granny is cooking. She is a good cook. I like to eat cabbage soup and pies the with meat and rice. My Granny often makes it for me. Granddad is watching TV now. He likes to watch sport programs on TV. My Granddad doesn’t work. He is a pensioner. We have got pets. They are a dog and a cat. The dog is playing on the carpet near the armchair now. The cat is drinking milk. My family is friendly and hospitable

1. How many times a week do Helen’s parents go to work?
a) They go to work on Saturday and Sunday.
b) They go to work 5 times a week.
c) They go to work 4 times a week.
2. What is Alice doing now?
a) She is going to the Institute.
b) The takes a shower.
c) She is talking a shower.
3. How old is Helen?
a) She is six.
b) Helen is eight.
c) She is eleven.
4. Can Helen read or write well?
a) Helen can read well.
b) Helen can read and write well.
c) Helen can write well.
5. What does Helen like to eat?
a) She likes to eat cabbage salad.
b) She likes to eat sweet pies.
c) She likes to eat cabbage soup and pies with meat and rice.
6. Where is the dog playing?
a) The dog is playing near the bed.
b) The dog is playing on the carpet.
c) The dog is playing near the chair.

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    1) b

    2) c

    3) a

    4) a

    5) c

    6) b


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