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TASK 1. Write a composition, answering the questions :

1. Do you agree with the proverb "the first impressions are half of the battle?

2. What does it mean?

3. Why do good -looking people have more chances to get prestigious job?

4. What aspects of image do usually influence the people?

5. Why do the people may be false concerning the "facade" and clothes?

Give your example of such a situation (when a good looking person fails)

6. What is your attitude to the standards of beauty to women and men?

7. Why do millions of girls, women and men follow the standards of beauty proposed the fashion

industry and cosmetic shops?

8. What is your notion of female and male beauty nowadays?

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    1. Yes, I agree. 2.You cant say something about a prerson, who you seens only one time. 3. Because it nice to see and speak to them. 4. я не знаю. 5. я не знаю. 6. На свой вкус, например: hight and with curly hair или small and pretty и т.д  7.Because they fear. или Because they think it is good and cool.


    кое что я просто не знаю, сорян

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