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Помогите пожалуйста, сдесь 4 части теста. С помощью First, Second, Third conditional

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    номер 1:

    1. By the time I arrived, they had left.

    2. I had just switched on the TV when I heard the news.

    3. Mum told me to do my homework, but I had already done it.

    4. By midnight most people had gone home.

    5. We had never thought about the subject before you mentioned it.

    6. She had done a lot of research before she wrote the book.

    7. After I had had a bath, I went to bed.

    8. I couldn't remember the name of the film that we had seen the day before.

    9. They had never been in a plane before, and they were nervous.

    10. When you called, we had already eaten dinner.

    номер 2:

    1. If you pass your exams, I will buy you an MP3 player.

    2. If they don't practise every day, they willn't be famous singers.

    3. If she gets good marks in the exam, she'll study English at university.

    4. If you run fast, you'll win the race.

    5. If they drop litter, the school will be very dirty.

    6. If he comes here early, we'll watch TV together.

    7. If we have some money, we will go to London on holiday.

    8. If I buy those CDs, I will listen to them every day.

    9. If you don't finish your homework, I'll be angry with you.

    10. If it rains, we won't go swimming.

    номер 3:

    1. We would get there sooner if we went by car.

    2. I would be happy if I could cook like you!

    3. It would be great if Carlos come to the party.

    4. Would they feel scared if they saw a snake?

    5. What would she buy if she won a million euros?

    6. If you could do any job, which one would you choose?

    7. They wouldn't feel hungry at school if they ate breakfast!

    8. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

    номер 4:

    1. If I had seen you, I would have said hello.

    2. She would have answered the question if she had known the answer.

    3. If they had arrived earlier, they would have seen the beginning of the film.

    4. We would have watched the film if we had known it was on TV.

    5. If you hadn't been rude to your mum, she would haven't punish you.

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      Огромное спасибо
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