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1. When we entered the lab, the experiment _____ out by our students.
a. was carrying b. was being carried c. has been carrying d. is
2. She ___ change her shoes after walking in the garden.
a. has b. was allowed c. had to d. will have
3. The theory ________ be accounted ________ by these facts.
a. has, for b. is, of c. can, for d. might, with
4. His parents will do their best to help him if he ________ to another town.
a. didn’t go b .won’t go c. hadn’t gone d. doesn’t go
5. His work___ not ____ by our group.
a. should, be referred to b. can, be objecting c. need, be relied d. has,
insisted on
6. Much attention should_____ paid ______ the development of this industry.
a. be, to b. been, on c. be, in d. -, to
7. I didn’t know _____ he ______ to London before.
a. whether, were b .if ,had been c. what, was d .that, will
8. Her book _________ our experts last month.
a. was referred to by b. is referred to as c. has been referred to d. had
referred to by
9. These mistakes _____not ____.
a. may, ignored b. must, be ignored c. are able to, ignoring d. are, to be
10. The child ___ often laughed ___ by his classmates.
a. is, at b. has, on c. will, from d. were, of
11. The houses __________ in this street when we came to live here.
a. are repaired b. were repairing c. have been repaired c .were being

12. If I _______ you, I wouldn’t take part in this game.
a. am d. were c. will be d. was
13. These proposals ____ insisted ____ by everybody last time.
a. are, to be b. would, on c. have been, at d. were, on
14. If I had lived in the USA, my children _________ English fluently.
a. will speak b. would speak c. spoke d. would have spoken
15. Tom wondered if his friend _______ the University already.
a. had graduated from b. was graduating c. will graduate from
d. graduates from
16. Our group _________ another one recently.
a. has been joined by b. joined to c. was joined by
d. is joined to
17. Professor wondered ___ the data could _____ on.
a. if, be relied b. whether , refer c. why, was insisted
d. that, to be relied
18. Students didn’t know ____ that information ____ be useful.
a. if, will b. that, had c. whether, is d. whether, would
19. I believed that the engineer _____ about the project already.
a. is telling b. had been told c. has told d. is telling
20. Their wish to travel ___ accounted ___ by the desire to learn the truth.
a. is, for b. were, to c. was, on d. will, of
21. We … hurry, we have half an hour before the train starts.
a) haven’t b) may not c) needn’t d) was to
22. … man … help his parents when they become old.
a) The, is b) - , needn’t c) This, ought d) A, should
23. We … meet at the entrance to the theatre at … quarter to nine.
a) were to, a b) had to, - c) must, the d) was to, an
24. They … to study the information in detail, everything was clear.
a) haven’t b) didn’t have c) hadn’t d) might
25. You …. speak to … prisoner in a foreign language.
a) was to, a b) mustn’t, a c) needn’t, - d) have, the

26. Michael … to go on holiday next month if he finishes the project in time.
a) needn’t b) should c) can d) will be allowed
27. The engineer … make …excellent presentation of … machine designed in our
a) was able to, an, the b) was allowed, a, the c) shouldn’t, - , -
d) hadn’t , the, an
28. The origin of … Universe … never … .
a) - , was, explained b) the, will, be explained c) a, - ,had explained d) the,
wasn’t, explained
29. The guests … usually …their names and addresses at the reception desk.
a) have, been asked b) asked, - c) are, being asked d) are, asked
30. When I arrived in the garage, the car … .
a) was repaired b) has been repaired c) was being repaired d) was repairing
31. Michael can … on, he never broke a promise in his life.
a) relied b) be relied c) have been relied d) rely
32. The patient … good care … in this hospital.
a) has taken, about b) is taken, of c) is taking, off d) will take, -
33. The conference …by a great number of well-known scientists last month.
a) has been attended b) had been attended c) will be attended d) was attended

34. The employer… some useful data before he made up his mind.
a) has been shown b) was being shown c) had been shown d) was showing
35 The new manager … sent… as soon as the engineers come to the place.
a) will, to b) can, from c) have been, - d) will be, for
36. His words … be … notice … .
a) will, taking, to b) should, taken, of c) had, taken, at d) must, took, about
37. She said that the book … be referred … by many researchers.
a) will, - b) has to, on c) would, to d) ought, at
38. The new invention … just … use of.
a) was, made b) had, been made c) is, making d) has, been made

39. They … the film by their teacher while we were speaking about the
a) were being shown b) had been shown c) had shown d) were showing
40. The terms …be insisted … if we want to be a success.
a) must, on b) are to, of c) had to, at d) had, for

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