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Даю 100 б. Нужно написать в каком правда а в каком ложь если ложь то написать и подкоректировать(также пометить)
1)The car is the most popular means of transport in the USA
2)Most families have more than one car.
3)There is no good public transport in big cities.
4)In the countryside Americans don't have to drive long distances.
5)People usually travel around the USA by car.
6)In the USA teenagers get driving licences at the age of thirteen.

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    There are as many means of transport as you can only imagine. They are a bus, a bicycle, a car, a ship, a train, a plane and so on. And today I want to discuss all of them.

    The most popular means of transport is a car. Nowadays there are so many car producers and brands that a car becomes the most popular and comfortable type of transport. You can travel by car everywhere. The only thing that can stop you is your driving license and the foreign country rules. А dream of many people is to buy a car and for most of them it comes true.

    Another popular transport is a bus. Not everyone can drive or many people just want to enjoy the view and concentrate on their thoughts while travelling. And the bus allows all these. The cost of travelling by bus is much lower than that of a car.

    Bicycle is popular among young people. They use it during the warm seasons to travel around the city or the nearby places. It’s healthy and affordable for most of people.

    Train is popular for its low cost and cozy atmosphere. You can make a long travel on the train and don’t need to pay a lot for it.

    Planе is popular for its speed but the cost is quite high. It is thought to be the safest means of transport among all. The most luxurious means of transport is a ship. I mean not those small ordinary ships, but the ones that travel across the oceans with thousands of tourists. They are often called liners.

    So we just need to pick up the one we like and completely enjoy it.

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    Ответ дан s2i0m0a5


    1. F (bus/subway)

    2. F (dont have)

    3. F (there is)

    4. T

    5. T

    6.F (16)


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