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Card 6

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city?

2. What changes have you observed in your city in past 5 years?

3. If you were the mayor of your city, what would you do to improve it?

4. Which is better, living in the countryside or in the city?​

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    1. The advantages of living in the city are that there is where to go, movies, shops, venues. Everything is nearby, near the house. And the disadvantages are that all the time there is dirty air, traffic jams, the noise of cars.

    2.Over the past 5 years, stops have been changed in my city, they have started building new houses, they have built a skate park, KFS, swimming pools, a water park, they have been repairing roads, they have built a bridge, new beaches have opened, hospitals have been renovated, new shopping centers and new cafes have been built.

    3.if I were the mayor of my city, then I would build more entertainment areas, higher high-rise buildings, more parks, expand the city, spend more city holidays

    4.It’s different for everyone. The city has more amenities, but everything is far away in the village, there are no schools, shopping centers, shops.

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