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    1) will

    2) should

    3) might

    4) have to

    5) might

    6) may

    7) ought to

    Здається так


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    4 For questions 1-7, choose the option which best completes the passage.


    have to • may • might x2 ought to • should - will

    If you're interested in becoming a scientist, there are a few things you (1) should

    do. First of all, you (2) have to decide which area of science you want to work in. Is it

    biology and animals or physics and space that you think (3) might interest you most?

    Another thing you (4) ought to do is speaking to your science teacher about it. He or she will tell you what your options are and (5) might have some helpful experience. You (6) will almost certainly need to go to university to study your chosen science. After your degree, you need to specialise in an area that really interests you. It can be a long, hard road, but at the end of it, you just (7) may make a discovery that changes the world.

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