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82. Why ___ it is a good idea to go there?
a) are you thinking
b) think you
c) you will think
d) do you think
83. I met Stuart finally. – What ___ like?
a) he does
b) is he looking
c) does he look
d) has he
84. Sue is 1.17 metres tall and Jill is 1.80 metres tall. Jill is ___ taller than Sue.
a) much
b) little
c) by far
d) more
85. I am like my father. I am very ___ to him.
a) different
b) similar
c) the same
d) like
86. I’ve got to be on time. I ___ be late.
a) am not allowed
b) mustn’t
c) don’t have to
d) couldn’t
87. ___ me invite some friends home next Saturday, Mum?
a) Do you let
b) Have you let
c) Will you let
d) Did you let
88. I’ll phone him after I ___ back from work.
a) comes
b) will come
c) come
d) coming
89. I’ve been reading this book for the last few weeks, and I still ___ it.
a) haven’t finished
b) not finished
c) don’t finish
d) didn’t finish
90. I look terrible. I need to ___ .
a) cut it
b) have cut my hair
c) have my hair cut d) have to cut
91. I won’t feel safe until the thieves ___ .
a) will be caught
b) will catch
c) catch
d) are caught
92. Who ___ by?
a) Guernica painted b) painted Guernica
c) was Guernica painted d) did paint Guernica
93. I always get a ‘D’ in Maths tests. I wish I ___ a ‘B’.
a) get
b) could get
c) will get
d) have got
94. When he arrived at the station he realised that he ___ his train ticket at home.
a) left
b) has left
c) had left
d) would leave
95. ‘Do you want to go?’ he asked. – He asked me ___ .
a) do I go
b) if I want to go.
c) do I want to go
d) if I wanted to go
96. ‘What are you doing?’ he shouted. – He asked me what ___ .
a) I was doing
b) was I doing
c) I did
d) did I do
97. He’s not at home. He ___ earlier.
a) must have left
b) must has left
c) must leave
d) must had left
98. We are the best class in the school and our teacher is very ___ us.
a) sympathetic to
b) interested in
c) proud of
d) positive of
99. If I had known about the accident, I ___ you.
a) would help b) would have help
c) would have helped d) would have been helped

100. Could you tell me what time ____________?
a) the concert does start
b) is the concert starting
c) does the concert start
d) the concert starts

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    82) a

    83) a

    84) a

    85) b

    86) a

    87) a

    88) c

    89) c

    90)  b

    91) a

    92) b

    93) b

    94) a

    95) c

    96) a

    97) c

    98) c

    99) a

    100) b

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