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Complete these sentences with the first, second or third conditional form.
1) You......(get) a pneumonia if you.....(not change) your wet clothes.
2) She was sent to prison because she refused to play the fine; if she.....(pay) the fine she....(not be) sent to prison.
3) If i...(have) lots of money, I.....(drink) champagne with every meal.
4) Unless Tom......(take) his library book back tomorrow he.....(have) to pay the fine.
5) If the film........(not be) so boring we........(not leave), but film was terrible.
6) They......(miss) the connection if the flight.......(not leave) on time.
7) If the band........(give) a concert here, all my friends......(go). But no one has said a word about it yet.
8) You.....(get) tickets unless you.....(get) to the stadium early.
9) You are a bit fat. If I.......(be) you I.........(exercise) more.
10) Why didn’t you tell me? If I.........(know) you were in hospital I...........(visit) you.​

  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан echterclown

    1) will get, don't change


    3)have, will drink

    4)will take, has

    5)didn't be, wouldn't leave

    6)will miss, doesn't leave

    7)gives, will go

    8)will get, get

    9)do, will exercise

    10)knew, would visit

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