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    Ex 1.

    I've never seen a mosque.

    2. It's a fortress.

    3. This cathedral is magnificent.

    4. I don't think that this image(or picture) is unique.

    5. Will we go to the gallery?

    Ex 2.

    Yuri Dolgoruky founded Moscow in 1147. Later Russian Tsars made Moscow a fortress to protect it. After wars and fires the Muscovites restored it and build new homes for themselves. There were a lot of cathedrals and  churches in old Moscow. Moscow Tsars asked Italian architects to design them. Italian and Russian architects created beautiful buildings and painters decorated them with wonderful frescos. The building of the Uspensky Cathedral is  magnificent!

    Today Moscow museums and galleries have rare things: Russian and Western European paintings, ancient books and metal works of famous masters. The famous Pushkin Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery   house world masterpieces. Moscow is famous for its sights.

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      Ответ дан majorfreid
      чего:D? Все верно, не знаю как вас обучают
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