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These days more and more people are following extreme diets.Many people think this ia a good idea.Bat some conider it a waste of all times.

Without a doubt, there are some advantages to these diets.First with on extreme diet,you can lose your weight quikly.Secondly you can easly adjust your weight.

On the other hand you can quicly dial weight.Secondly, if you have diseases then will need the help of doctors.

I think diet has both pros ond cons.In my opinion all people should think about it very carefully and make your choice.​

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    These days more and more people are following extreme diets. Many people think it to be a good idea while others consider it a waste of time and say the weight usually goes back on once the diet is no longer followed.

    Without a doubt, there are some advantages to all these diets. Firstly, extreme diets can help you to lose your weight quickly. Secondly, you learn to control what you eat, how and when. Dieting gives you a feeling of control because you are doing something to make you healthier.

    On the other hand you will have to keep to your diet for ever. As soon as you stop following it, you may gain weight again. Besides, if you have any diseases, then you will need the help of doctors.  Moreover, if dieting fails, you can feel depressed, which can lead to weight gain.

    To sum it up, it is important to remember that dieting has both pros and cons. In my opinion all people should think about it very carefully before making their choice.​ In this case dieting can help to lose weight without causing any health problems.

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