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1. Подчеркните в каждом предложении глагол-сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму и залог.
1. Output from the coalfields continued to increase.
2. Shortly afterwards Welsh law, which had continued to be used in Wales after the Norman conquest, was fully replaced by English law.
3. Prices will continue to rise.
4. They are beating drums all night to keep us awake and continue our work.
5. So the game will be continued next morning.

2. Подчеркните в каждом предложении модальный глагол или его эквивалент. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. The consequences may be far more deadly than we ever imagined.
2. You must not lose sight of your life goal.
3. You should take things as they are.
4. We were not to be late.
5. Environmentalists were permitted to take part in a public hearing.

3. Подчеркните в каждом предложении Participle I and Participle II и установите их функции, т.е. укажите, является ли оно определением, обстоятельством или частью глагола-сказуемого. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Wales had few factories producing finished goods.
2. Scottish and Welsh economies had produced big trade surpluses.
3. We are now finishing breakfast.
4. A Welsh buyer wants to buy something produced in a certain way.
5. A crime produces particularly damaging consequences in the developing world.

4. Выберите правильную форму Participle I или Participle II. Напишите получившееся предложение и переведите его.
1. The book writing / written by this scientist is very helpful in our research.
2. The woman writing / written the book is a well-known HRM specialist.
3. Reading / Having read the article she closed the journal and put it on the shelf.
4. Reading / Having read the article she was writing out some essential data.
5. The company is building / built a new shopping center.
5. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая особое внимание на форму и функцию герундия.
1. Moving to the suburbs to avoid the city noise and smoke was their joint decision.
2. They insisted on the resolution being reconsidered.
3. She avoids working downtown as it takes much time to get to.
4. Mr. Smith mentioned having been invited to the exhibition.
5. I am against offering him a new position.
6. I am against being offered a new position.

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